Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chapter 3 ~ The Dream

Gasp! I breathed deeply trying to gain my regular breathing pattern back. I had the dream again, but this time it was different. As always, I was standing on top of the mountain looking into the forest, watching my surroundings. All of the sudden, I look back to the shrine. The sky surrounding the shrine looked like it was on fire, it was red and orange all over and clouds of smoke slowly took over the sky. I began to run towards the shrine and my body shook all over while my heart was racing like never before. As I got closer to the shrine I saw figures, which looked like samurais on horses who were trying to burn the shrine to the ground. I ran towards them and picked up a rake that was on the ground and tried to fight them off, but there were too many of them. I fell after one hit me and I was in pain watching my shrine burn. A boy my age came close to me and leant out his hand to me to help me up. I couldn’t see his face but he had a small scar above his left eyebrow in the shape of a bow and arrow kind of like the zodiac sign for Sagittarius. He wore a dark green bandana around his head and carried two swords on his back. I looked behind him and there were the four figures once again. This time I was able to see them a little more clearly. They look like beasts surrounded by light, one was the color blue, another was red, and a white one and the last was black. And this time I heard what they were saying. They kept saying “Help us princess, come to us”. I didn’t understand why they were calling me princess and why they wanted my help. Then I hear the hooves of a horse coming towards my direction. I look to the right and as the samurai began to swing his sword at me, I woke up. I’m frightened to know what that dream meant and I have a feeling it will become my worst fear. Mikos have been known to tell prediction, which I have been able to do and most of the time I’m right. I looked at my clock. It was about time for me to get ready for school. I slowly got dressed and got my stuff ready for school. I left the house without saying anything and all I could think about was the dream I just had. I tried to look into the dream as deeply as I could but did not want to believe that could happen to the shrine. I mean, why were there samurais on horses? And why was this one boy helping me, and still wondering who is these beasts. I got to school and couldn’t focus on what the teacher was teaching us, all I could think about was the dream I had. “Kotori! Kotori!” I felt a nudge. “Psss! Kotori the teacher is calling you!” Kairi tried to bring me back to focus. I stood up quickly and hit my knee on the edge of my desk. The class started to chuckle. “Kotori can you please read where Risa left off” the teacher asked. “Of course” I said except I had no clue where we were or what subject we were on. “Kotori Biology book chapter 33 page 222 second paragraph” Kairi whispered to me. “Thanks Kairi” I whispered back to her and began to read my text. During lunch Kairi asked me what was going on. I have told her in the past about the recurring dreams I was having so she basically knows what is going on. I began to tell her about the dream I had last night. “Wow Kotori, do you think that its going to happen” Kairi looked worried for me but then again I’m really worried about the shrine as well. “All I can do is pray that it won’t happen Kairi. I don’t know what I’ll do if something like that happens to the shrine” I said nervously. “You know what you need Kotori? Let’s go somewhere to get your mind off of things… like the BEACH!” Kairi gave me one of her biggest smiles ever. That’s the thing I like about Kairi, she is always able to get me out the dumps especially in moments like this. I smiled. “Alright Kairi, let’s go to the beach.” After the school bell rang we both went home to get our stuff for the beach. When I got to the beach, Kairi was there along with some other people whom I did not expect. There was Hiro and Tai there as well as Hana and Sora. I looked at Kairi with a frown. “Oh Come on Kotori. The more the merrier right?” Kairi smiled and looked really happy so I went with it. Kairi knew that I wasn’t too fond of guys so she wants me to try and get along with them I guess…. But I still prefer only girls to hang out with. I decided to do some laps in the water. I used to be on the swim team until too many guys had their eyes all over me. I love to swim and it’s the easiest way to relieve any stress I have especially now since I had that dream. I got out of the ocean to get a drink of water. “Hey Kotori want to play beach volleyball?” It was Hiro holding a beach ball with a smile on. “No thanks. Why don’t you ask the other girls?” “I could but I would like to just hangout with you for a while” Hiro said shyly. It felt weird seeing Hiro like this. I didn’t really know what to say or do. Kairi has been trying to get me to know Hiro more so I guess I better give it a try or else Kairi might try something else. We sat down under our red and white-stripped umbrella and started to talk a bit. We talked about our hobbies and stuff in school. “Hey Kotori, do you have a partner for the school trip?” Hiro asked. Our class is taking a trip to Tokyo for a few nights and we always have to be in partners wherever we go. “Ummm.. Sorry my partner usually is Kairi.” “Oh no worries.” Kairi comes in. “I’ll be Hana’s partner.” Kairi smiled at me while I give the "what in the world are you doing" look. “Nooo Kairi I’m going to be your partner ok.” “Kotori, this is your chance to get to know Hiro better,” Kairi whispered to me then happily skipped away towards the others. I looked back to Hiro and said nervously “I guess I’ll be your partner.” “That’s great” Hiro said with a smile. I didn’t know what was going to happen during this trip but I guess I’ll just have to find out. It started to get dark so we decided to pack up and we all went home. Now all I am worried about is spending time with Hiro all throughout the school trip. Ugh, Kairi just had to set me up with Hiro…

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our teacher is Sensei Hikaru. He’s a strange teacher,
who always gets off topic whenever he teaches. Like
last time, we were in the middle of English class
learning about Shakespeare and his play on
Romeo and Juliet,and suddenly he began talking
about passive income. He starts telling us about
how we could make money without even working
and become very wealthy. All I can say is how
in the world does he go from Shakespeare to
passive income? Seriously, if you know so much
about passive income and telling us we could
make millions,why aren’t you a millionaire yet???
And we can all tell that you hate your job. He
is always yelling at us and telling most of us
how stupid we are. He only gives praise to the
top students like Kairi and I. He also likes to
give us random facts like how a humming bird
weighs less then a penny…. Yup that’s our teacher.
But enough about the teacher let me tell you
more about the Tenshi Shrine and I. As I said
before, my family has protected the shrine
for 10 generations now and has continued to
do so. My grandmother was the Miko of the
shrine since she was 12. A Miko is basically like
a priestess that serves the gods and is the link
to the spirits of the dead. Unfortunately my
grandmother passed away when I was 8 and I
took over as being the Miko of Tenshi Shrine.
The reason my mother never took over as the
Miko was because she was married into the
family. You must be a direct descendant of the
Tsubasa Clan in order to become the Miko of the
shrine. The job of the Miko is to constantly
pray to the gods everyday and clean the Shrine.
We also pray whenever people have a request
to the gods, so we pray in their place. Also
every summer we hold the Obon Festival.
This is a festival celebrating the dead and this
is also when the spirits of the dead are
allowed to visit the real world once again.
During this festival, it is my job to perform
the Bon Odori dance which is a dance to
celebrate the dead. My grandmother would
also tell me that this is a dance to please the
gods and told me to always protect the gods
and they will protect you. When I was little,
I often heard voices calling to me. My
grandmother says it must be the gods trying
to tell me something, and that I should try to
listen as best I could. I did try but I never
was able to make them out. The voices
stopped now, but now I have these dreams
that I can’t seem to get rid of. “Hey Kotori!
Are you coming shopping with Hana and I?”
Kairi nudged me.“Sorry I can’t. Miko duties
as always…” I replied. “Ok. Maybe next time
ok?” Kairi said with a bit of sadness in her voice.
“Ya maybe next time.” I never usually am able
to go out with people after class. I always have
to perform all the Miko duties right after school.
Today I have a wedding ceremony to perform.
A couple wanted to have a small traditional
wedding ceremony between their family and
friends. The couple wears a traditional kimono
called Shiromuko (the girl’s version) and a
montsuki (the male’s version). I always loved
performing wedding ceremonies because of the
atmosphere. It always feels so pure and so
much happiness is surrounding all the
families and friends, especially the couple
getting married. I always wonder if I will ever
find someone for me. I never got along with
guys and usually most of the ones I have met
are all dimwits and at this age all they focus
on is trying to get laid… There is a guy in
school named Hiro. All of the girls, freshmen
and upperclassmen are in love with.
Unfortunately that includes Kairi. I’m not
saying there was anything bad with the guy,
I mean he’s the top student among all the
guys and is the lead soccer star. But me
personally, I don’t see anything else that
is interesting about him. I think he’s too nice
and maybe secretly playing all the girls, like
his best friend who definitely is. Tai, another
good-looking guy in school but is also the
biggest player in the school.He is always
flirting with some girl everyday and only dates
girls for a week before he gets bored. I don’t
understand why girls will go out with him.
They always think they will be the one to
become his girlfriend when in the end he always
breaks up with them in the end. I definitely
don’t like guys like him. I don’t really
understand how Hiro and Tai became friends,
their exact opposites of each other, but then
again its like Kairi and I, her being the nice
girl and I being the “Warlord.” Ring! Ring!”
There goes the school bell. That’s the end of
part of my day-to-day life. I better head to
the shrine to get everything set up for the
wedding, that includes cleaning every inch of
the shrine, decorating it with wedding d├ęcor,
and changing into my Miko outfit. “Bye
Kotori! See you tomorrow!” Kairi waved as she
left with Hana to go shopping. “Yeah ok!” I
waved back and headed back to the shrine.
I decided to take the long route back home
because I love walking beside the sea. My
hometown is in Katagami, Akita right beside
the Sea of Japan. The ocean breeze is always
quite refreshing after a long day at school, this
is also my favorite place to be when I’m down
or needing a place to think by myself. When
I got to the shrine, I started to work right away
and after performing the wedding ceremony, I
went right to bed.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Chapter 1 ~The Beginning

I dreamt it again. I've had the same recurring dream since I was
twelve. I dreamt that I was on the top of a mountain,
surrounded by a sea of pure white daisies and the wind was
blowing calmly towards the sunset. In front of me, I can see
a forest, a lively forest filled with animals and a flock of birds
always passing by. Behind me is the shrine that our family has
protected for many generations and I can also hear someone
ringing the shrine bell. As I continue to watch the sunset from
the mountain, four figures start to appear but I can never make
them out. These figures, were always trying to call me, as if I
was needed for some kind of purpose and I would always walk
towards them. As I get closer to the edge of the mountain, I
start feeling light, and feel as if I could fly towards them. But
just before I am able to float about a foot away from the
mountain, I fall off the mountain, deep into the darkness then
suddenly I find myself back in my room, staring at the fan on
the ceiling. I have always wondered why I had these dreams,
and who are the figures that keep calling me. "Kotori! Hurry
up or you’re going to be late for school!" That was my mom.
And this is me. Kotori Tsubasa. Age 18.I am an average looking
girl with long black hair that is always tied up, and dark blue
sapphire eyes. Yes blue eyes. How? I don't know myself. Most
Japanese, usually have only dark brown eyes, and those who
want blue eyes just gets colored contact lenses. This my last
year in school and only have 3 months left till I graduate and
move on to college. My hobby is dance. I have always danced
since I was little. I have learned the traditional Japanese style of
dance and also ballet. I would like to be dancer when I grow
up, but my mom disagrees and wants me to get some kind of
university degree of some sort, and also there aren't many
dance schools in Japan, especially for ballet. I dream of going
to Juilliard in New York but I don't know if I could survive there. I
have heard so many stories about New York and mainly the
bad ones. I haven't yet decided what I was going to do after
I graduate, but I have gotten into Tokyo University if I don't
end up in Juilliard. It will make my mom happy I guess... "Kotori!
You haven't even eaten your breakfast yet" mom yelled for me
again. "Yeah yeah I'm coming" I went downstairs and grabbed a
piece of toast and went out the door. "Thanks for breakfast mom"
"If that's what you call breakfast then sure your welcome"my mom
replied but I already left for the shrine. The shrine we protect is
called the Tenshi shrine. I always go to the shrine before I leave
anywhere. I would go there to say a prayer and ring the bell, its
one of our traditions in Japan. You would throw a coin as an offering,
bow twice, clap your hands twice,bow once more then pray.
I usually ask for some kind of courage to get me to Julliard.
Then I ring the bell, which usually is supposed to get the gods
attention, and off I go to school. It is about a 15-minute walk
from my house to the school. "Kotori!!!" The girl waving there,
that’s my best friend Kairi. Long black hair with lots of highlights
and the most popular girl in school. She is a singer with an
amazing and I mean an amazing voice. She also is considered
the prettiest girl in school. Of course that’s easy to tell since
almost every guy is drooling over her in school. On the other hand
there’s me. I am known as the “Warlord.” This is because I am
usually picking a fight with some guy only because he’s treating
one of the girls poorly. It happened during the first year of high
school and also this is the first time where I met Kairi. Some
older guys were trying to convince her to go out with them
and of course she said no. They ended up trying to pull her out
of the school and this is where I step in and of course I beat
them to hell until the teachers came out to stop me. I always
had a thing for beating up guys and standing up for all the
girls reason being that now all the girls looked up to me and
act as though I’m their protector or leader. And with that I
became known as the “Warlord.” "Kotori did you study for English
today?" I shook my head as always. I have always been good in
school and never needed to really study. Kairi and I are at the
top of the school for grades. Kairi wants to go into nursing,
since she's the type of person who always wanted to help people.
Sigh, so here we are Class 201. That’s our classroom, the one
we've been in all year round and now to actually start our day.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


hi everyone! i am going to write my very first story on this blog. it is going to have fantasy, adventure and romance. hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think.